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I am the Good Shepherd, said Jesus. The Good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. (John 10:11)
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Our Good Shepherd Lutheran Congregation

Good Shepherd is a member congregation of the East District of Lutheran Church-Canada (LCC), a family (or synod) of confessing Lutheran pastors and congregations bound together by our common teaching, believing, and confessing of the historic Lutheran confession of the Christian Faith (here is a brief summary). This is by no means merely a local or even a national confession, but this faith is held and proclaimed together with other Lutheran church bodies worldwide, among which is our sister church, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). This means that you will find the confession of faith of all our sister churches to be the same as ours - the truth of God does not change! "If you abide in My Word," Jesus says, "you are truly My disciples, and you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free" (John 8:31-32). Our current pastor is the Rev. David Milette.
St Andrew's Lutheran Church, Halifax (previously Faith Lutheran Church, Dartmouth, and before that Nova Scotia Lutheran Outreach - NSLO), grew out of a preaching station started in 1999 under Good Shepherd's pastoral care, and was more permanently established at the comissioning of then Missionary-at-Large to the Maritime Provinces Rev David Maffett in June 2000, a position which he continued to serve in until May 2008. From 2008 to 2012, they were served by Pastor Milette out of Good Shepherd, and since 2012 their supervising pastor is Rev Timothy Teuscher of St Peter's Lutheran Church, Stratford Ont, and are being served by Rev Padre Paul Williams locally. Though far-reaching, the mission of St Andrew's Lutheran Church still centers around a worshipping congregation in Halifax, NS.
Since July 2007, Good Shepherd has begun to seek out and to minister to Lutherans and those interested in the Lutheran confession of the Faith on Prince Edward Island with monthly Divine Service (usually 4th Saturday of the month, 3pm) and Bible Study (4pm) and more often with visiting vicars and pastors during the summer months, and in Saint John, NB.

Upcoming Services and Events
* Calendar (PDF) for the current month
* A photo album of some past events
* Archived calendars

Come join us!

Sunday Mornings at Good Shepherd:
the Chief Divine Service

Bible Study 10am
The Divine Service for the whole family 11am
Sunday School 2:30pm
Midweek Divine Services
Seniors Chapel at Spencer Nursing Home
last Tuesday of month, 11am (20 mins)
Brief Divine Service Wed 7:45 (30mins)
Divine Services in Charlottetown PEI
Occasionally other special days in the church year
Bible Study
Sunday Morning Bible Study, 10am
Tuesday Afternoon Home Bible Study (FRENCH), 1pm
Thursday Afternoon Home Bible Study, 1pm
(Please inquire about these and other Bible Study opportunities)
Pastor's day off
Fridays (most of the time)

News Flash!


For almost 500 years, Luther's Small Catechism has been recognized around the world as a wonderful summary of the basics of Biblical Teaching, useful for teaching and meditation for both young and old. Good news! An online edition, complete with links to pictures and hymns, has been added to GSLC's website!




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